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When you complete your registration, you will automatically get a line of credit of 35 Points.

If you have already signed up but your line of credit is 0, that's because you did not complete your profile. In order to complete it and get a 35-Point line of credit, go to Manage Account --> Edit Profile.

When you have at least two active offers and two active requests, your line of credit will increase to 75 Points. The offers and requests must be bona fide, appealing, and the number of Points must be reasonable.

When you get verified this will give members more confidence in you and will also increase your line of credit to 150 Points.

If you need a bigger line of credit, please contact Customer Service and state why you want the bigger line and with what types of favors you will be able to repay it.

Please note that use of the line of credit is subject to the Terms of Service.

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Increase your line of credit even more by referring friends!

After you join, you can refer as many friends as you wish by clicking on the Friends icon at the top of this page and then clicking on "Refer Friends". When your friends join, your line of credit will increase by 10 Points per friend who joins and gets verified, provided you too are verified.

If you prefer to contact your friends directly instead of using the "Refer Friends" form, be sure to tell them to enter your Zakle user ID (which you will find on the Manage Account page) in the appropriate box when they sign up -- or you can paste this code and text into your emails or website.



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